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Schoppert was there for the free beer. He had won two tickets to the party in a radio contest sponsored by the local alternative-rock station KROX, whose morning-show hosts, Jason and Deb, are action-sports enthusiasts.

His date for the party was his brother-in-law, Paul Swanson, another young father, who wore a T-shirt exposing tattoos on his arms. The men sat 2 add a new target to bindinggypn drinking and sweating as the sun went down, watching G. Love perform slacker hits from the nineties, and then, at nine-thirty, headed home to their families. A daily ticket gained you access to the endurocross track, the Harley-Davidson booth, the U. Navy recruiting station, the zip line, the barbershop, the BMX dirt mounds, the Dillon Francis concert—any and all, for as many hours of Texas heat as you could endure.

Their average age was forty-three. His nine-year-old son stood beside him, raising his fist in the air. Robinson, or K-Rob, has a girl and two boys. He retired from competition last year, but participated this summer, along with the skateboarder Tony Hawk and other X Games Hall of Famers, in an exhibition staged in front of the Texas State Capitol, during which he wore padded jeans that looked almost like a fat suit.

An aversion to pads and helmets was part of the jock mentality that he was hoping to combat. Grindz were meant to be fashionably safe, safely inconspicuous.

The prevailing manliness and mindfulness came as a surprise, because the X Games were invented specifically for boys. This was in the mid-nineties, shortly before Disney acquired the company. It was in desperate need of programming. He noticed a broad variety of niche publications—verticals—devoted to pursuits like surfing, skateboarding, and BMX riding, with no unifying horizontal.

He called his project the Extreme Games. I hesitate to call them sports. The kite skiers disappointed—one blew so far off course that he had to hail a cab back to the competition—and ESPN ultimately declined to put them on the air, going instead with the bungee jumper who showed up at the freestyle heat with a kayak for a prop. 2 add a new target to bindinggypn colors were muted. The Extreme Games became the X Games. Was skateboarding a sport?

But the progression was inarguable. He also expanded the very definition of athletics—a pursuit that traditionally measured achievement against the constraints of rules, if not opponents. Last year, sixteen-year-old Mitchie Brusco completed an 2 add a new target to bindinggypn Games The Games themselves progressed.

A winter counterpart was added, with snowboarders standing in for skateboarders as the slacker soul of the genre. Mountain Dew, an original X Games sponsor, gave way to Red Bull, and then to Monster Energy—a ratcheting up of caffeine to complement the octane quotient.

Truer action 2 add a new target to bindinggypn, like surfing and mountain biking, were ditched, because they proved too costly to stage. The culture edged into the red: New Hampshire, not Vermont. Vert ramps, for both BMXes and skateboards, are rumored to be on the program forin Tokyo.

No disrespect to Canadians, but curling? Yet if the X Games culture has successfully penetrated the once staid Olympic movement, it has arguably done so at some cost to the original franchise, which has failed in recent years to produce a crossover star on the order of Tony Hawk or Shaun White. Traditionally, the Summer X Games have been scheduled for late July or early August, a relative dead zone on the sports calendar, with only midseason baseball and its grandfatherly demographic to contend with.

First had come the death of the snowmobiler Caleb Moore, whose four-hundred-and-fifty-pound machine came down on his chest during a failed attempt at a flip, at the Winter Games, in Aspen. He was able to limp off the mountain but suffered a heart attack soon after, and died in the hospital.

It was the first death directly attributable to X Games competition. There were two new medal categories in Austin, each a source 2 add a new target to bindinggypn some chagrin to the purists. One was Stadium Super Trucks, a further progression of horsepower. Macdonald, or Andy Mac, as he is more often known, is forty, and the owner of twenty-three X Games medals. He complimented me for drinking Coke, as he was doing: This year, medals would be given out to video gamers.

X Games, meet Xbox. Monster Energy, which the staffer considered undrinkable, was the official beverage sponsor. Even the interactive commercial experiences had their moments. You could race go-karts around a track at sixty miles an hour, provided that you passed a Breathalyzer.

The rogue spirit of 2 add a new target to bindinggypn can also be infectious. On the hillside down to the base of the megaramp, I noticed a man who had unfolded a pizza box, so that his young son could surf the grass. Up top, by a large fountain that had become a makeshift wading pool, I saw knuckleheads on Razor scooters filming their own 2 add a new target to bindinggypn videos.

At Yale, in the mid-nineties, he played both varsity football and basketball. But he told me that he used to ride a skateboard to practice. And, unlike Nascar, the races are short, better suited for digital-era attention spans. Dickey on the development of his knuckleball, offering to change the elevation of the mound 2 add a new target to bindinggypn showcase its effects.

When I thought about doing a no-handedit was just in my head for two months. And then you just end up making it reality. That moment makes you think anything is possible. Hoffman is forty-two, and remains a slightly anarchic figure, sweet-natured and with the kind of charisma that may come only from having flown higher and more inventively than the more earthbound among us.

2 add a new target to bindinggypn wanted to go higher, and he had an extensive back yard, so he built a bigger ramp. He had permissive parents. Each successive milestone only encouraged him to go bigger still. He caught the attention of Evel Knievel, with whom he became friends. He was also a cautionary tale on the tension inherent in the pursuit of progression. The next thing he knew, his son was frantically waking him up. Hoffman had a GoPro camera affixed to his helmet, so they reviewed the footage.

It showed that he had been lying unconscious for nine and a half minutes before the battery ran 2 add a new target to bindinggypn. I got to train myself to be scared again. Athletes, like the public at large, now have a better understanding of traumatic brain injury. Hoffman seemed to accept its possible consequences. Big Air events, for skateboarding and BMX, respectively, filled the prime-time slots on Friday and Saturday nights, bringing dope clouds to the hillside overlooking the megaramp.

I watched the skateboarders with an acrobat named Kristin Allen, a former world-champion gymnast who went on to join Cirque du Soleil. The 2 add a new target to bindinggypn is that holding opposing thoughts simultaneously can be liberating. Sounds like bullshit—but also intriguing! I grew up in gymnastics, which was so rigid: It was really misguided. After Glimpses, Allen accompanied some of the Red Bull-sponsored athletes to a breath-holding camp in Hawaii, where everyone learned to free-dive a hundred feet, and to remain underwater for more than three minutes.

The camp was originally intended for surfers, who might well need such skills in an emergency. Eighty-five feet above us, a fourteen-year-old boy took off down the ramp, spun a couple of times in the air, seeming almost to hang there—and wiped out, shredding his pants, while his board continued without him, up the quarter-pipe and beyond, rocketing into the crowd.

The boy, whose name was Tom Schaar, fiddled with his mouthguard and flashed a frustrated smile. For a four-day BMX camp, she taught a handstand workshop, with the idea that spending more time upside down might help the riders maintain better control while executing flips. Allen had even worked with video gamers, whom she found to be more receptive, if less able-bodied, than the bikers, who tended to resist coaching on principle.

Competitive gaming, after all, is not without its own dangers. More than half a dozen people, most of them in Asia, have died from, in effect, over-concentration—playing too many hours without moving, eating, or sleeping. Allen worked with the gamers on hand stretches, breathing, and posture. Back up on top of the ramp, Tom Schaar was ready for another attempt.

Schaar stuck his landing over the gap jump—a —this time, wobbling just slightly, and pumped his legs into the quarter-pipe, good enough for nearly thirteen feet of air and a tight to finish. His father threw his hands over his head. The tent was crowded, and loud, and from my vantage, near the back, it was even more difficult than usual to discern which horse was which, but, inevitably, everyone yelled encouragement at the distant TV, and the noise built to a crescendo in the final ten or fifteen seconds, before giving way to a collective sigh.

People who had bought tickets to see humans perform daring feats were instead huddled together, drunk, watching horses race around a circle. Whether the motor-sports fans were rooting for success was 2 add a new target to bindinggypn more open question, one that, in light of the safety risk, pervades the X Games.

2 add a new target to bindinggypn preparing you for some red flags. The dirt on the track was slick and relatively free of gravel, and the rallycross tournament had featured a few too many collisions and spinouts, causing long delays. It took me a minute.

Freestyle motocross, on the other hand, should be credited for truly inventive and evocative language when it comes to naming tricks. While watching the riders warm up, I heard the announcers refer to a dead sailor, a California roll, electric doom, a candy bar, a look-back helicopter, a kiss of death, and a one-handed Hart attack. To be fair, the warmups were prolonged, because of a strong cross-breeze that threatened to make proceeding with the event too dangerous, so they had a lot of airtime to fill.

These stunts were, in some cases, purely hypothetical. The rider Wes Agee landed awkwardly 2 add a new target to bindinggypn appeared to dislocate his shoulder.

This is the same example as the addons section on node's documentation, with a slightly different organization. Node modules have a common directory layout, typically with an index. To build the project a configuration file for GYP - binding. Note that WAF is currently deprecated as a build system for node's native modules and node itself. 2 add a new target to bindinggypn is the current as of node 0. To build node modules using GYP, node-gyp must be installed:. The first time node-gyp configure is executed, it will pull node's source code.

WAF is the old way of building node's native modules and 2 add a new target to bindinggypn included on its distribution. Getting started This section describes how to build a hello world node. Project layout Node modules have a common directory layout, typically with an index. Native code in node modules usually resides in a src subdirectory in the project.

The directory layout for a node module with native bindings is: For this example, the contents of index. To build node modules using GYP, node-gyp must be installed: GYP is configured through the binding. For this example it should contain: To do the actual build: Use WAF only if you need to support old versions of node below 0. WAF is configured through the wscript. For the hello world example it sould contain: