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Therefore ETFs can be attractive as investments because they give investors particularly retail investors the chance to add or reduce exposure to broad market segments in various countries or sectors at a cost that often is lower than building a portfolio of such individual stocks or other non-exchange traded investment vehicles, and thus can help improve overall market liquidity, Mr.

Blackrock expert explained the benefits of ETFs and how they are essential to build investment portfolios, adding that ETFs globally have 3 trillion dollar of assets under management. The panelists also discussed the three ETF projects intended to be launched in Qatar after obtaining regulatory approval. They elaborated that one of these will be an ETF based on government fixed income risk from an Asian borrower, the second product is likely to be an ETF based on a representative Qatar-country index and the third a sharia-compliant product.

They need to have efficient price hedging mechanisms in place by the exchanges, depository and regulators to make sure investors get the best execution price.

One of the main reasons why ETFs were not successful in other markets in the region was the absence of efficient price hedging mechanism. ETFs can be bought and sold like shares throughout the trading day. Individual investors may purchase or sell an ETF via their broker, and may enter the same types of orders that are placed for shares.

Securities and Exchange Commission. The fund includes Vietnamese companies including food processing firm Masan Group Corp, property conglomerate Vingroup and Sacombank.

Still, focusing on a single market overseas can carry risks and requires monitoring. Government restrictions can limit the supply of securities available to U. Single country ETFs often sell at either a discount or a premium, and they can hit unwary investors. The average maximum premium for all single-country ETFs was 3. Premium and discount trading in international ETFs is the result of a simple timing issue.

Al Watani Fund II: For resident expatriates, non-resident foreign nationals and companies. There are subtle differences between the two Al Watani Funds and these are detailed in the Prospectus and Articles of Association in the Investors Pack. A minimum investment threshold of QR 20, and a maximum of QR 20 million applies. Units can be sold and bought easily on a monthly basis. All you need to do is submit an application before the 20th of the month during which you wish to complete the sale or purchase.

The price will be that prevailing at the end of the month.