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To make profit, we need to trade smart. First, you need to learn to identify trends and then wait for a confirmation candle that will eventually tell you the price is in strong momentum and the trend will continue. When trading with the trend, you may want to escape trading in the overbought or oversold levels, and the RSI indictor will help you with that. Skip to main content. Smart binary options strategy - 60 second and 5 minute trades You are here Home.

The marubozo candles may suggest strong momentum and help you when trading with the trend. Smart binary trading If you are going to trade smart, you need to set up your plan correctly.

In this strategy, we are trading with the trend: After we know the trend, we wait for a small pullback and our confirmation candle, which should suggest trend continuation. In our case, the confirmation candle is marubozo, or a candle without wicks.

In uptrend, a bullish marubozo would suggest a strong momentum, and price may continue upward. As you can see in the above chart, the bears are trying to push the Euro down, but after the pullbacks, the bulls quickly recover with stronger green candles. When the price starts to recover, we are looking for our marubozo bullish candle. On the above chart, you can see the bears are much stronger, and the bulls are unlikely to take control over the U.

We want to see a bearish marubozo candle and then eventually purchase Put options. To make profit, we need to trade smart. For these trades, I used the same price levels I was using on the 1-minute chart — 1. As a result, I traded in the same price areas as the second trades, although I took these minute trades only until the price had been previously rejected on a prior five-minute candle. My first trade came on the 1: Price had previously rejected the level on the 1: This trade finished three pips in favor.

After that, as seen from my second trade rundowns, the market advanced back up to the 1. Naturally, on the re-touch of 1. My final minute trade of the day came down on the Although this trade did not win for me on the second expiration, I was able to get a winner on the minute expiry.

After the clear breach of 1. I took a call option on the re-touch of 1. Obviously, with the minute options I was using a 5-minute chart, which is a cleaner time compression overall than the 1-minute. Also, I was using my usual touch-reject-retouch price action strategy to take trades at support and resistance levels to better confirm how robust they seem to be, which helped to ensure better accuracy.

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