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Discounts and Coupon Codes and special offers. Here is our Usenet Special Offers page. These days a Newsreader is absolutely essential. Also Usenet providers are beginning to add to their accounts some additionnal features like VPN. A VPN can be used for torrenting. List of the best Speedcapped usenet access. Best speedcapped newsgroup access with SSL encryption. Paid Usenet accounts shareable. Best block Usenet deals. Some of our favorite block Usenet deals are listed here.

Complete listing of all available Usenet trial accounts. Sign up for a free trial and don't forget to read the terms and conditions on website. Retention means the time the Usenet server keeps articles around before expiring them. Best Usenet Binary Retention. This is a list of Usenet providers, in alphabetical order.

All Usenet Providers Reviewed. Usenet Pros What is Usenet? How does Usenet work? Searching for content on Usenet is easy. You can find hundreds of terabytes of content on Usenet. Recommended Newsgroup Newsreaders for easy and efficient downloading. Usenet is a decentralized network, it works by each Usenet server sharing its information with all the other servers on the network.

This propagation across servers makes Usenet an ideal place for storing information and data of all types. If a server is damaged Message-IDs missing , the article can still exists on every other server in the network. Fastest Usenet Providers Usenet is known for its extremely high speed, and this is one of the main reasons for most people to switch from Torrents to get the content they want. You might get faster download speeds from a server that is geographically closer to you.

We tested Usenet servers using a Fiber connection Hyperoptic. However, you can expect performance to be slower if you are trying to use a European Usenet service from North America.

Binaries for Windows, Mac and many Linux systems are available right here. Binaries for other platforms can be compiled from sources. NZBGet runs invisible in background and can be configured and controlled from a web-browser has a separate theme for smartphones.

There is also a console interface to use from terminal. Automatic download, par-repair if needed , unpack and post-processing. Everything you need to automate your downloads. Powerful RSS filters with duplicate check to fetch and enqueue nzb-files automatically from your favorite indexers. Every feature seen in the built-in web-interface can be used by other programs too. Fast, powerful and responsive With great support and development in full swing, expect improvements and new features constantly.

A library of post processing scripts makes it really easy to expand functionality beyond core services. NZBGet is an essential download tool for embedded systems. The low system requirements allow the users to maximise their download speeds without leaving their system unresponsive. Further, the ability to add multiple post-process scripts and to set post-processing parameters from the web UI really makes NZBGet a highly customisable and easy to use program. NZBGet is simply the best in all aspects: The cherry on top is the very low-resource consumption.

It is regularly updated and has unique features that also make it the smartest NZB downloader on any platform. Many files posted to usenet nowadays have obfuscated file names. Original names must be restored using included par-files. NZBGet has a unique feature called "fast par-rename", which restores original file names within few seconds, even on very slow machines, eliminating the need for time consuming par-verify step. Multiple news servers with multiple priority levels.

If you have multiple accounts on the same server you can group them so by a failure on one server other servers of the same group are skipped they would fail anyway. Servers can be switched off and on on certain week days and times by the built-in scheduler. Very powerful RSS filters with extra support for NewzNab feeds and instant preview of filtering results when building own filters.

Duplicate check automatically recognizes movies and series across releases avoiding multiple downloads of the same titles.