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Learn how the U. Get a whirlwind tour of the oil, natural gas and power industries in one day. This course covers oil and natural gas production, electric power and its system of distribution, and the basics of the energy futures market. Understand the critical risk management tools available for managing the impact to your energy price risk and ongoing volatility.

From market behavior and trader psychology to technical and fundamental analysis, get the tools and techniques essential to successfully trading in the energy markets. Understand what futures, options, and derivatives are; how they work, how they are used, and how they can be applied to your specific business.

Geopolitical events have been at the heart of almost all oil shocks over the last 50 years. Integrating geopolitical risk into your hedging, trading and analytical operations is a must. Get a rigorous understanding of the who, what and how at every level of the macro and micro supply and demand balances, and the implications they have on short, medium and longer-term pricing relationships.

Get a comprehensive understanding of the various trading and hedging strategies employed in the world of foreign exchange. Are you ready spend a three days delving into the very interesting world of international refined products trading?

This three-day course will give you an integrated framework for understanding all aspects of the dynamic and ever-changing world of refined products arbitrage trading from a physical and financial perspective.

Improve your trading knowledge and understand risk management solutions and what makes a successful energy trading program. Understand the global dynamics of natural gas and its burgeoning transport via the LNG value chain, including market implications and technological developments.

Get a firm grip on petroleum geology principles, concepts, technology and terminology with this comprehensive introduction to the dynamics of exploring and developing both conventional and unconventional plays for oil and gas reservoirs. This course will simplify and remove the mystery surrounding petroleum hedging.

The midstream sector is changing worldwide and most dramatically in North America. Take this course and get a working knowledge of oil and gas gathering, processing, pipelines and storage facilities, as well as the history, evolution and forward trends of these business areas.

Understand the factors that sustain the price of natural gas in the upstream and every facet of the downstream, including pipelines, utilities, regulators and consumers in North America. Learn the mechanics and nuances of exploration and production, the pipeline transportation infrastructure and storage, as well as the buying, selling and marketing of natural gas.

Natural gas now provides the majority of fuel for generating U. Understand the increasing importance of natural gas in the energy mix both domestically and worldwide. A myriad of non-oil and oil intermarket relationships continue to impact the price of oil. This must-attend course will help you understand all of the important interrelationships, from the various macro and micro-fundamentals, to the intricacies of the various financial and economic indicators.

Get a rigorous understanding of the who, what and how of successfully trading oil spread instruments on the three main domestic and international oil trading venues.

The petrochemical industry is seeing transformational change. Understand the petrochemical process, the current state of the oil and gas markets, and the market and trends in petrochemicals. Get a detailed understanding of the entire petroleum complex with a focus on the operational details of the upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Understand the physical markets, operations and logistics, and the distinct differences and applications between the physical and financial markets. Get a comprehensive view into the inter-workings of the U. Demystify the nuances and quirks of trading and hedging in the power markets while getting a thorough understanding of the instruments, tools and techniques essential to being a successful trader in the power markets.

Get comprehensive exposure to risk management tools and strategies, macro and micro market fundamentals, margin preservation, manufacturing and marketing, and cutting-edge purchasing techniques that drive success in the refined products market. Develop a big-picture understanding of the refining process, its economic drivers, and its critical impact on the energy marketplace. Get a technical view of the chemistry, catalysts and units involved in petroleum refining. Attend this one-day course and get comprehensive training on how the retail markets function.

We will address these factors as well as issues and trends in energy supply. Review considerations essential to the development of various fossil fuel sources of energy, including coal, oil, gas, and shale gas. Examine the systemic nature of energy businesses and how their activities inevitably necessitate political engagement.

These lectures introduce several rudimentary tools for strategic analysis and make use of those tools to evaluate the economic, commercial, and political environment of energy. A Verified Certificate is identity-linked and demonstrates that you completed this course.

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