Market replay ninjatrader data

Select Download Replay Data. The Replay Data window will open. From this window select the instrument and date of the desired replay data and press the OK button to begin the download.

You can only download one day at a time. Leave the "Download available L1 data" box checked or check it if it isn't You don't need L2 data, so you can leave it un-checked.

NinjaTrader offers a limited amount of replay data free to download. Only the most common instruments are currently available. If you have more than one instrument in your Workspace you MUST down load the data for the same day s for all the instruments in the Workspace.

Otherwise your charts will not work correctly. However, if you have three different charts in your workspace using the same instrument, you only need to download the day s s data once for that instrument. If you are replaying forex pairs you will need to down load the forex pair and the corresponding futures instrument in order for the APEX indicators to work properly. Consider that as a playback recorder, wh ich allows you go back and forth through the existing recording over and over again.

If you have a replay data downloaded, you can play them using this connection. Those two streams could be downloaded separately. Although t he granularity of the data is 1 second, the sequence of the market events occurs as it is on the real market. All the data is stored in a market replay folder on a computer and could be used multiple times. Unlike most products that only allow you to replay one market at a time, NinjaTrader provides synchronous replay of any and all recorded markets and delivers this market data to all NinjaTrader windows as if it was happening in real-time.

Therefore, you can have multiple SuperDOMs and charts replaying different markets all at the same time. You can trade in simulation against this data at varying levels of replay speed. Why do you need this special connection? I can not tell you how frustrating it is to download data for NinjaTrader Market Replay. The built in function from NinjaTrader Market Replay will only allow one symbol from one day, so you have to sit there and choose your symbol and then your date, and wait, and wait.

There are two other big disadvantages to the native NinjaTrader data download program. I purchase their historical data…. Not worthy single cent. Disputed credit charge and went though a lot hassle with them. They do not have their data but asking you to download from Ninjatrader, the problem is Ninjatrader only has only few weeks data available. The best market replay data I found for me to trade on ES, just pruchased their data during new year eve. And The continuous contract is as promised. From the market replay data, actually you can export….

It claimed that it has cloud download, in fact, the download is from Ninjatrader. Only has a month or so. Asked for refund and the seller rejected. Keep away from them! Instead of downloading market replay data for months and give up and try backtestdata, really impressive quality of market replay data of futures and fx.

My only hope it they will have market replay for stocks soon as they said…. Never trust Market Replay Data Addon, it is a spyware that many had reported it download your trading strategy and indicator back to their server. Code Stealing, you have been warned, more reported can be founded at: Very unstable software that I piad bucks.

It keep telling me they have no forex, no this data and that. Their data is coming right from Ninjatrader download. I am surely want to have it refunded and look for…. I only download a week data that it promised.