Option trade execution dubai

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This can result in opportunity costs as there may be a time delay in passing messages to get stock into the correct place to execute. The local custodian does not receive a settlement instruction from the investor via Clearstream by market deadline of The rejection of partial trades is not permitted. However, the investor will be subject to penalty charges imposed by the exchange and passed on via the custodian.

Under DFM regulations, OTC transactions for exchange members may be negotiated off-exchange but the resulting trade must take place on-exchange. Therefore, Clearstream customers will be required to cross external transactions on the DFM trading platform via their brokers. Brokers will also be required to report these transactions to the exchange. The Dubai market is fully dematerialised. The DFM mechanism requires pre-validation of available securities and mandatory settlement at the point of trade execution on the exchange.

Investors must ensure that a purchase order is initiated first prior to a sell order being placed via a local broker as all sell orders are validated against the availability of the NIN.

Back to page Print. The custody is only accessible to the custodian and the CSD itself that is, not the broker. The account is used for the safekeeping of securities. Clearstream customers are required to advise their brokers of the NIN number when placing a trade with a broker. Purchased securities are received into this account before the subcustodian can transfer them to the custody account.

Likewise, securities to be sold are transferred onto this account from the custody account in order for the transaction to take place. Securities are not available for trading while they are held in the custody account. The Custodian responsible for the NIN is required to grant a specific broker access to the NIN; certain custodians grant this access on the condition that the broker enters into an SLA with them to govern the brokers access, liabilities and responsibilities.

T Investors purchase or sell securities via their broker. When placing their orders, brokers are required to quote the NIN of their customer on their instructions.

Investors apply for a NIN via a local custodian and thereby appoint a local custodian access over the NIN and associated accounts. Designated brokers have access to their specific trading account at Clearstream's subcustodian for the purposes of executing trades.

Following trade execution, brokers receive confirmations from X-Stream and these are provided back to their customers.