Trading and capital market activities manual

Mm Margin Account A client account that uses credit from the investment dealer to buy a security. It may be that some indicators point in one direction and others the opposite trading and capital market activities manual. Certificate The physical document that shows ownership of a bond, stock or other security. Suspended Issue The status of a listed security of an issuer whose trading privileges have been revoked by the Exchange.

Capital Gains Distribution A taxable distribution out of taxable gains realized by the issuer. Rr Rally A brisk rise in the general price level of the market or price of a stock. An amalgamation of two or more corporations A division of the business of the corporation A transfer of all or substantially all of the property of the corporation to another corporation An exchange of securities of the corporation held by security holders of the corporation for other securities, money, or other property that is not a takeover bid A liquidation or dissolution of the corporation A compromise trading and capital market activities manual the corporation and its creditors or holders of its debt Any combination of the foregoing.

It must be prepared in accordance with provincial securities commission regulations. Equity Value The total dollar value of volume traded on one side trading and capital market activities manual the transaction for a specified period. Unlike traditional public companies, capital pools list and begin trading without an operating business. Minimum Price Fluctuation The minimum price change or tick on a futures contract. Non-clearing firms may report through the firm that is responsible for their clearing.

The amount, payable date, and record date are established by the issuer. Should a trading price not be available, a bid price, a price on another market, or if applicable, the price for an issue of the same issuer which the first issue is convertible into, may be used. Calls are purchased by investors who expect a price increase.

Better-Price-Limit Orders An order with a limit price better than the best price on the opposite side of the market. Also known as shareholders' equity for a company. The rights are only valid within a given time period. The listed issuer remains suspended until trading privileges have been reinstated, or the listed issuer is delisted.

All-or-None Order An order that must be filled completely or the trade will not take place. Bear Market A market in which stock prices are falling. Marked as a specialty-priced cross, a VWAP cross may be executed outside the quote, will not set the last sale price, and is not subject to interference by other orders on the book. It is intended to reduce trading and capital market activities manual duplication of disclosure requirements and other filings when issuers from one country register securities offerings in the other.

This type of insider trading is illegal. Priority If there are several orders competing for a stock at the same price, a priority determines when one of these orders will be filled before any other at this price. Top of page Expenses incurred, or time spent, by officers and employees of the company in undertaking its activities For example, if a substantial proportion of the expenses of a company were to be incurred on non-trading activities then, on this measure, the trading and capital market activities manual would not be a trading company.

Open-End Investment Fund An investment fund that continuously offers its securities to investors and stands ready to redeem its securities at all times. Settlement Date The date when a securities buyer must pay for a purchase or a seller must deliver the securities sold. Option Writer The seller of an option contract who may be required to deliver call option or to purchase put trading and capital market activities manual the underlying interest covered by the option, before the contract expires.