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Guy Cohen tells the gripping story of a man who escaped from the Nazis and then used a "Secret Box" to generate two million dollars The story is at least partially true because during World War Two at the age of 23 Nicolas Darvas did indeed flee from Hungary rather than waiting for either the Nazis or the Soviets to invade.

A multi-talented man, he had studied economics at the University of Budapest, and with his half-sister Julia subsequently became one of the highest paid dancing acts in the world. He started investing in when a Toronto nightclub paid him with shares in a Canadian mining company because they didn't have cash.

The value of the stock tripled in two months and Darvas made a good profit on sale. As a result of this, he became interested in financial trading and studied the market and began buying and selling stocks and shares, with mixed success. In the late 's he developed his famed Darvas Box method, adaptations of which are still used as the basis of many trading systems today.

Inusing his Box method, Nicolas Darvas made a profit of two million dollars in the space of six months in a raging bull market. Most of his profit came from just two investments - Kent who invented filter tip cigarettes and Polaroid who invented instant photos.

The Darvas Box method works best in a volatile market and involves watching price and volume - or turnaround trader system review public enthusiasm, as Darvas expressed it. When a stock price rises on a strong volume of trading, the method indicates that you should start watching it and that you should buy it when there are indications that informed buyers are getting in. Stop losses are set to minimise losses and profits are ridden out for as long as they last.

He went on to write a further four books before his death in So if Nicolas Darvas' trading turnaround trader system review have been widely publicised and used with adaptations for nearly fifty years, how can it be that it is only now that Guy Cohen is revealing their secrets? According to Guy Cohen, Nicolas Darvas' " secret formula went with him to the grave Around twenty minutes is all it takes Guy Cohen's Flag Trader certainly sounds too good to be true.

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